Mobile World Congress 2012

Executive Meeting Request

Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona

The meeting tool is now closed and no new meetings can be processed. If you have any meeting requests, please refer to Carine Bledig’s team on site on the Pavilion during the congress. Thank you





If you still cannot submit a meeting request using Firefox please refer to your IT department.


Welcome to the Oracle Executive Meeting Request Tool for Mobile World Congress. This tool will capture your meeting requirements, as well as account information, for our executives and product specialists to use as they engage with customers and prospects on site.

Before starting the process please have available background information on your account/deal, including projected Oracle revenue, top business challenges, key meeting objectives, competitive situation, etc.  Please fill in all data fields in order to ensure your account information is being communicated effectively to our executives.

The meeting request is made of 4 stages:
Stage 1 - Tell us about yourself and your role within the Oracle field organization
Stage 2 - Tell us about your account
Stage 3 - Tell us about your meeting requirements
Stage 4 - Briefing document (mandatory if you request an executive or a product specialist)

If your meeting request involves Bhaskar Gorti, SVP and GM of the CGBU, it is MANDATORY that:

1. You have completed the Executive Briefing Document and obtained approval from your Sales VP on the relevance of the meeting (Q4/Q1 deal progression) and the level of people involved BEFORE you enter the meeting into the tool and:

2. You are NOW ready to upload the Executive Briefing Document


The information provided will be forwarded to our telemarketing agency, who will coordinate meeting times with our executives and your customers, keeping you in the loop.

You will be notified if we have any additional questions concerning your account. If you have any questions please contact

Important Notice

1. The data you enter is used when mailing your contacts.  It is critical that there are no typographical or spelling errors in the contact's names and job titles and that upper and lower case are used in the right places.  The result of not being correct is that email communications MAY be sent with errors.  This also applies to typing your own name as the 'Meeting Requester' as this is also used as part of the email sent to your targets.

2. The meeting tool will ! be closed from Mid-day on Tuesday 21st February and therefore no more meetings will be accepted or processed.